Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

by C. S. Forester

Forester’s entire Hornblower series are first rate nautical adventure’s that carry the reader along with well written prose and cracking plots.

Horatio Hornblower, hero of Forester’s series, is almost impossible to believe. Brave, handsome and a skilled seaman
he is almost without flaw – a tendency to seasickness and constant self doubt are the two that make him human.

This novel gives us the early maritime life of Hornblower, though not the first written, and we are introduced to a seasick, slightly miserable young man as he starts a naval career that will end many years (and novels) later with him reaching the pinnacles of the British Navy.

The historical background of the Napoleonic wars throughout this and most of the other Hornblower novels is well played
out and made me want to delve back into the history books to follow up on some of the slighter historical allusions. The same skill is brought to bear on all elements of life, struggle, battle and death in the British Navy of the time.

I first read all these novels as an adult and enjoyed them. My nephew in his early teens, not a big reader, devoured the
entire series in short order after I gave him this volume. We both wanted more and continue an unsuccesful search for
another author of seafaring adventures who combines excellent writing, fine detail and constant action with the same skill as Forester.

I would recommend this book to anyone from their early teens on who enjoys a good adventure story.

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2 thoughts on “Mr. Midshipman Hornblower

    • I’ve only ever read one Patrick O’Brian and I didn’t like it. Now I’ve read all the Hornblower series and most other Forrester’s books I should go back and give him another try.

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