Amazing Science Experiments With Everyday Materials

Frances Zweifel (Illustrator), E. Richard Churchill

I purchased this book for my daughter (eight at the time) sight unseen. We were both disappointed.

The science seems not that good, the experiments not well explained, the book poorly laid out and neither of us liked
the illustrations.

I was after a book that had a similar quality to the material available at San Francisco’s Exploratorium’s web
site – good diagrams, good scientific explanations, simple experiments. This book was not what we were looking for.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Science Experiments With Everyday Materials

  1. So, honest puck, why are you asking us to ‘buy this book’ Amazing Science experiments when you aren’t recommending it? I remember those boxed experiments that you could get at the local toy shop.The illustrations on the cover were promising, but what you got inside (once you’d paid for it and opened the box) did not in any way correspond with the pictures. None of the experiments worked!

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