Cafe Bleu

by Style Council

In the seventies and eighties a number of innovative and interesting bands emerged from England. The Style Council was one that grabbed a fair amount of attention in independent circles here in Australia while never really breaking out into mainstream in the U.S. Paul Weller and Mick Talbot deserved better(that’s Paul on the right of the album cover, Mick on the left.) This album would be their best.

Style Council are impossible to pigeonhole. The best description is that it is undeniably popular music that has a uncluttered sound and a feel that is sometimes jazz and sometimes R & B. Over production is definitely not a problem for Style Council, the music is clean and clear.

The album opens with an excellent pop piano instrumental written and performed by Talbot. The rest of the tracks have Paul Weller on lead vocals and his vocal style is a little laid back and jazzy. My favourite track would be “You’re The Best Thing” – a marvellous romantic track.

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