New England in the snow

So the snow continued. Last night I went outside and I was amazed by how light the night was. With low cloud and all the fresh snow on the ground the house lights and street lights made it almost as bright as day.

We ended up with about a foot of snow. As someone who never has to cope with this sort of stuff I volunteered to do some digging. It’s amazing how heavy snow can get after an hour of digging the stuff. By the time I’d finished the small street here had people digging cars out all up and down each side.

The whole tribe (four kids and three adults) decided to go see ‘The Incredibles’ but the theatre had a blackout during the Pixar short. After that the three girls decided they wanted to go shoe shopping so off they went. Jessi wanted new boots as her current ones are a bit tight. She found a pair for $27 US. Excuse me while I pick myself up off the ground. I’m not sure I could get more than a pair of plastic thongs back home for that, let alone leather boots.


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