Tussaud’s and Kensington Gardens

Jessi and I went to the waxworks. It’s pretty good but incredibly expensive. I’ve also got to say that some of the staff are the pits. At the ‘Chamber Live’ exhibit there were a number of people who balked right at the door, including Jessi, and they have a small entrance. So the lady right at the door was quite rude to people saying things like “Get out of the way” and “Either in or out”. Frankly, they need to redesign the entry to allow for people to chicken out at the last minute and put staff there who are more polite. I tried to find someone to mention it to but there was no one at the exit and no customer satisfaction survey forms or books. For a two hour experience that costs more than a day at Disneyland they need to do better.

On the other hand you can experience London’s Royal Parks for free. Jessi and I walked from the Hotel up Gloucester Road to Palace Gate and into Kensington Gardens in the afternoon. Even as it was getting colder and dark there were a lot of people in the Gardens, walking and cycling. We walked around the grounds of Kensington Palace, Jessi loved the squirrels and we got some nice shots of them and a short movie of two chasing around a tree.

There are some more pictures flowing onto flickr from the trip – I’ll try and find the time to caption them soon


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