Westminster Abbey

We set off to visit the London Eye only to discover that it’s closed for January. Rats! I’ve also got to say that the sign posting from Waterloo to the Eye sucks.

Lucky that London’s packed with interesting things to see. Jessi and I walked from the Eye to Westminster Abbey. Of course along the way we saw Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament (though we didn’t tour the Houses).

At the Abbey we took one of the Verger tours. There are a few of these a day and they last an hour and a half. It costs four pounds per person and its great value. Not only do you get a well informed guide there are a couple of spots the tour takes you that aren’t open to the public. Both Jessi and I enjoyed it. Jessi liked going to the bits not open to the public and some of the details the Verger knew non included in the guide, like the way that pilgrims used to steal bits of the decoration on tombs as a souvenir. In fact on some tombs you can see a tide mark where people couldn’t reach any higher.

Personally I find Poet’s Corner incredibly moving. Half of English literature is buried there and to walk on the burial place of Dickens or T.S. Eliot (to name two of the dozens entombed there) gets me all weepy.


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