So we have arrived in London. The trip over from Boston was fairly incident free, though we had to change planes at Montreal where they can’t cope with transit passengers and we had to go out through customs and then back in through security.

Yesterday we arrived a little late and had a walk around before an afternoon nap and then dinner. We all had broken sleep last night before finally sleeping through until 9:30.

Today’s adventure was a trip to Harrod’s. After we had explored Harrod’s Nanny went back to the hotel while Jessi and I walked up to Picadilly Circus then caught a Routemaster double decker back to Knightsbridge tube station.

This evening Mum had an earache so we went to the local hospital for her to have it looked at. It was fairly fast – they told us it would be a two hour wait but when Mum said she’d just go they found a doctor to take a quick look and diagnose a middle ear infection.

Afterwards we had a great dinner at a cafe/restaurant across the road called Caffe Carluccio’s (236 Fulham Road – across from the Chelsea and Westminster hospital). I can recommend the Osso Bucco and they had a chocolate bread and butter pudding that was to die for.

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