Snow falls in Waltham

So it’s Boxing Day. Xmas was nice with lots of presents for everyone and a dinner with a bunch of good food.

It was snowing lightly when we got up this morning with just a light covering on the ground. It has continued snowing throughout the day, getting a little heavier later.

We went for a late brunch (1 PM) at a chinese restaurant in Lexington that had a great yum cha (and a buffet for those who didn’t want yum cha) all for a fixed price – recommended, I’ll try and get a name for you later.

We then went to Burlington Mall for a quick shop. As we were leaving at 4:30 I was surprised how dark it was. Snow was falling a lot heavier as we drove back to Waltham and it was fully dark as Graeme and I cleared the snow off the car parking spots at the house. Luckily I’d just bought a pair of gloves and a hat at the Sears sale.

I’m always amazed at the prices at a US sale. I got my pair of gloves for $10 and a hat for $5. Back home in Sydney both would have cost me four times that even at a sale. Of course I expect warm clothes to be cheaper here as they are so necessary.


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