New Job

I’m four weeks into a new job. I’m a contractor doing desktop support for Sydney University.

I love the job, spending all my time going from place to place, instead of stuck behind a desk, working on a huge number of Macs.

I also love the wierd and wonderful problems thrown up. A couple of days ago I had a Mac running OS 9 with Eudora crashing every time it started. Turned out the Mac was running an old version of CarbonLib and Eudora needed the latest. That one took 15 minutes cruising the Eudora support site to fix.

I also had a user in one of the small special departments/projects who was having problem sending mail – the SMTP server was refusing to relay (as it should, since it didn’t recognise the sending domain). A quick check of another machine in the same office and I pointed to a non-standard server to make the problem go away.

These are typical of the problems working with a huge, complex network in an incredibly diverse mix of machines and operating systems. Just on the Macintosh side I’ve been fixing Macs running everything from machines that won’t run an OS later than System 8 to the latest iMacs that want OS X 10.3.8 to run the cooling fan properly.

More on the fun I’m having later.


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