Mac Mini performs

So after four years the graphic card in my old G4 Cube decides to give up the ghost, or at least it seems that way. Horrible video on the monitor when attached to the Cube and perfect when attached to a laptop.

This means that just int time for her birthday Jessica needs a new computer. Since she already has a perfectly good 19” monitor, a keyboard and a mouse the Mac Mini sprang to mind. For not too many dollars she ends up with a much faster machine.

The problem is that her monitor is 160 kilometres north of here and so I only have the keyboard and mouse from her old iMac. How to get it running with all the latest applications when I have no monitor?

Well suck it up Windows guys, this is a Mac we’re talking about. So easy it amazed even me. Put the Mini next to my laptop, connect them with a FireWire cable, attach a keyboard to the Mini and start it. When I hear the startup bong I hold down the ‘T’ key and 30 seconds later the Mini comes up on the desktop of the laptop.

Now at this point I could use the command line to just clone my laptop on to the Mini but I want a clean. new OS on the Mini. So I set the Mini as the startup drive and booted the laptop from it. Lo and behold it behaved just like I’d started up a brand new Mac with all the questions and set up happening.

So after going through the install, running the updates and placing on the essential apps I had a perfectly running Mac without benefit of a monitor.

My next step? I’m thinking of installing a VNC server on it and then just boot the sucker blind before connecting to it from a VNC client. Aahhh, you just gotta love that Mac.


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