Shrinky Dinks

I found the website of K & R Creations, who are the originators and manufacturers of Shrinky Dinks plastic and ordered some.

By coincidence they arrived on the first day of Jessi’s school holidays so yesterday we started playing with the shrinkable plastic. Our first efforts were hand traced from greeting cards, wrapping paper and other souces around the house and then hand coloured. Watching them shrink in the oven is amazing and the finished products are astonishing. Your drawing shrinks to about a third in size and thickens up a great deal so you end up with a hard, light plastic object.

I can imagine this would go down exceptionally well as something kids could do at a party. If you pre-heat the oven while they are tracing and colouring it is only a few minutes before they can have a great little charm to take home. The frosted sheets are only US$5.00 for a pack of ten and you can get bulk packs even cheaper per sheet. The web site also sells pattern books though Jessi and I made our own by searching the net for graphics and then getting the printer driver to shrink or expand them to the required size as it printed them.

I also bought some you can run through the ink jet printer so I’m going to try that over the next day or so.

Keep an eye on Flickr for some photos of our efforts – I’ll post them in a few days.


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