Getting Ready for Travel

So I’m off to the United States for the festive season. Christmas and New Year in Boston with a short stop in LA on the way home.

I absolutely love travel, but loathe the process of getting ready. It seems to drag on and on, with little in the way of organisation. I always think I will learn a lesson from it and never do. I’m already thinking I’ll never find a few pieces of vital gear – where are the spare batteries for the PowerBook, the world adapter kit that can be used for both the iPod and PowerBook power bricks, various semi-important cables.

Then there comes the question of packing – what to take, what to leave behind, how many shirts and socks? Given that I’m visiting family and it’s Xmas a fair amount of luggage space is taken up by gifts and other such things – licorice for my brother, magazines for his partner. All the medication and toiletries are another bunch of questions and problems.

The stress and excitement make sleep difficult, too. At the moment my sleep patterns are totally screwed up – I can’t get to sleep early and I find it hard to stay awake in the middle of the afternoon.

It’s all worth it in the end, of course. More to come from the road.