So after way too many hours on a plane, a short stop in San Francisco and another 5 hours we arrived in Boston.

The timing was great. We got to Graeme’s house with just enough time for a quick hello and changed into our jammies and straight to bed for a good night’s sleep. Today our hosts had their last day at work so Jessi and I were thrown onto our own resources. We walked to the local strip mall – about a mile away. After the walk in the morning chill a quick trip to Dunkin Donuts sounded like a great idea. I’ve finally found somewhere that sells a bigger coffee than I can actually drink – a DD Extra Large is too big.

Once again I was amazed at US retailing. Have a walk around even a small strip mall and you can find amazing bargains. We got Jessi a pair boots for $20 and a 1Gb CF card for the same price after the “instant rebate”. Gotta love it.