Everybody comes to Hollywood

So Jessi and I are now in LaLa land. Just don’t talk to me about LAX, Los Angeles airport sucks the big one.

To start off, United unloaded us at Terminal 6 while their baggage carousels are in Terminal 7. Now they have four carousels, one had no flights assigned to it, two had a few flights and one had ten, count them, ten flights using it. So there must have been four hundred people crowded around it. Why is it everybody has to crowd the carousel? Then finally the shuttle system was totally overloaded by the number of people moving after the holidays so it was forty minutes before we got ours to get to the hotel. Would you believe it was two and a half hours from landing to the front desk of the hotel.

This morning Jessi and I set out for Hollywood Boulevarde. The hotel is close to a Metro station so we took a train – there was a station at Hollywood and Vine. We then walked along the Boulevarde freaking at all the stars on the sidewalk and then really going over the top when we got a sight of the Hollywood sign.

We walked all the way to the end to discover that on one side of the road the last star is “The Dead End Kids” – good joke somebody.

Along the way we visited the Ripley’s Museum, had a look at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (and all the hands and feet in the concrete out the front) and had a Sundae (each) at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Shop. I had a Sundae that had Mickey Mouse head shaped sprinkles on it – way cool.

We also had a good look around a lot of shops and souvenir stands.

Once again, pictures are up on Flickr – mostly of various sidewalk stars that got us excited for some reason or other. Video to come from the girl soon.

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