Newcastle life and work

So things are continuing in Newcastle.

My one desire is to find some good night life. Most places either seem to shut early or are overrun by extremely young patrons who object to a dodgy old partygoer like me – who’d a thunk it!! This weekend I’m going back down to Sinny for a dance party

Work continues apace. My big project at the moment is to get a routine for imaging dual boot Macs. I now know more about Altiris and Windows than I ever wanted. I have, however come up with a method of using a slightly customised Altiris PXE RDeploy CD to get our standard Windows image installed on to the Windows half of the Mac. We have moved the Mac drivers out of BootCamp and onto a share on our Altiris server so a batch file copies them into the right spot for sysprep to load them. The other problem is getting the MBR correct and rEFIt takes care of that easily, as well as allowing me to make the Windows partition the default boot device while it is going through the multiple boots of setup.

Now that I have that well in hand I am about to start Leopard testing, building new staff and lab images for next year and playing with Apple Remote Desktop. More on those next time.


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