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Thomas Hobson (1544-1631) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Michelle,
I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn’t mean to when I pointed out that your question was a Morton’s Fork rather than a Hobson’s Choice. It was, after all, only the title of the post which had an interesting question that made a great prompt for me to write my own post.

It started when I was researching Hobson’s Choice. I knew about the movie and I had heard the expression without knowing exactly what it meant. I was just going to check it all out on WikiPedia when I realised what you’d done. You’d made a small mistake. Your question wasn’t a Hobson’s Choice at all.

So I started my post, before answering the question, with a little information about both Hobson’s Choice and Morton’s Fork. It was late at night with my insomnia keeping me up when I was writing so I fired off 500 words or so, gave it a quick copy check and edit before posting and went off to bed.

Imagine my shock when I got up the next morning to discover that you had changed the title – it was now “Morton’s Fork” instead of “Hobson’s Choice”. Frankly I hated the new title, almost nobody has heard the phrase “Morton’s Fork” and it had no allusion to anything else. I thought about it for five minutes and was tempted to fire off an email with a better title, one of the most famous examples of a “Morton’s Fork” is “Sophie’s Choice” where the protagonist has to choose which of her two children to send off to a concentration camp. Much better title than “Morton’s Fork”.

This also left me with a dilemma. The first half of my post, the title and the picture at the top were all predicated on your post having the title “Hobson’s Choice”. Should I rewrite my post or just leave it as is. I decided to leave it as is.

I understand why you changed the title. I do, I really do. However I think it was a little mean and a little cowardly, particularly to do it without crediting my post as the one that had pointed out your error or even a note saying you had done it.

I had no intention of creating a problem for you when I wrote my post. I hope you can forgive me. At the same time I hope you can find a better way of dealing with such problems if they occur again.

With all respect,
Tony Williams


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