Two Things Annoying Me About

Today I discovered two things about that are annoying. One they can easily fix, the other is just a result of the wierd society of the net . Well, I sort of knew about them before but today they annoyed me. Perhaps I’m in an annoyable state?

The easy one to fix is that the “New Post” link under the logo on the left of the top bar takes you to a really nice page to choose the type of post you want to make but then takes you to a post editing page that doesn’t let you categorise the post or change the publicize link.

On the other hand if you go to your blog name in the menu under your name and icon on the right of the bar you can go straight to the “Add New Post” page of the Dashboard. Unfortunately you don’t get those nice pre-formatted link types you get the other way.

I know, I know. First world problem. What am I complaining about, it’s really great blogging software?

Then the second problem. “Like” whores. If you have a blog here on you know them, the people who come along and they hit the “Like” button on more than half a dozen posts on your blog and when you check their notifications it links back to ‘’ or something similar. I wonder why they bother when on the post itself the link is to their Gravatar profile? I like to think my writing is good but to hit the “Like” button on the last eight posts. I’m not that good. I guess it could be that hitting the like button costs them nothing and they do actually think the post is worth reading. They may just set the bar a lot lower than me, frankly I read a lot of posts and I don’t hit that button unless I really do think your post is a good one. Indeed I’m almost certain to now go and read a few more of your posts and if I find another couple worth liking likely to follow you in my Reader.

Yeah, yeah, another first world problem. Hey, it might surprise you to learn it but I live in the first world, by definition all my problems are going to be first world problems.

So as a blogger what rattles your cage?

12 thoughts on “Two Things Annoying Me About

  1. This post gave me some laughs! I haven’t had the issue with people liking multiple posts (sigh of relief). When I take a look at my spam filter though…whew it is a bunch of those tricky websites like yourultimatediet and curesforallsickenesses in there haha…good thing they can block that stuff.

    • Oh, yes, the comment spam can sometimes get my dander up too. The spam filter does a great job of catching almost all of it and I’ve only had a few so far.

      I moved to from a self-hosted WordPress site as I was sick of fighting the spam comments and people hacking my site.

  2. You got me scared to hit the like button on this one so I will just say -good post! I am still new at wordpress so I have nothing that bothers me. I am still in that stage of “Wow!….all these people just writing about what they want and so many are really good, this place is amazing!”…I know that will wear off eventually…and please send a few of these “like whores” my way…or I will be forced to write better stuff.

  3. See, here’s the thing, Tony. It’s true that like buttons are quick and easy but sometimes you might like something and not feel qualified to respond intelligently. For example, I am an electronically challenged dope, but Iit doesn’t stop me from appreicating your articles, in fact I can sometimes even understand them. Therefore the likes.
    On the other hand, there are people who will like so that you can check out their blog sites. They are most likely the ‘like whores’ but then again they may just be anxious about getting an audience. Whatever. Do you mind if I like this article?

    • You can always like it, Mary.

      I think it’s highly amusing that one of the main contenders for “like whore” on this blog even hit the like button on this post.

      It’s the people that come along and quickly like five or 6 posts then come back less than a week later and like another five or six. As you say they may be trying to get traffic to their blog or product page but there has to be a nicer way to do it.

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