Which Five People?

My list

I wrote my list!

Today’s Daily Prompt was “A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?”

My list would have to start with my daughter Jessica. I’ve often said that I have no idea how my ex-wife and I managed to raise her, she is better natured and well-balanced than either of us. Being around her always makes me happier, she lifts my spirits in so many ways but principally it is because she sees all my flaws and failures and still loves me without limit.

At the same time I feel a love for her that is deeper and more fulfilling than any other I have ever known. There is no greater joy than the mutual love of child and parent.

The list would then get a little harder.

Next I’d probably choose someone who was going to challenge my intellect and inspire my work. There are any number of great programmer’s I could choose but truth be told I am a better system administrator than programmer so I’d probably want someone like Charles Edge or Chris Siebenmann to spend some time with. I would love to spend time with someone who would keep me on my toes, keep me learning, point me in the right direction and share the successes and the failures.

Now for somebody to share my writing with. Should I go for somebody down to earth and modern such as Hemingway or go for the classics such as Austen or Shakespeare? Perhaps a poet such as Blake, Donne or T.S. Eliot? I think if it is going to be one it will have to be the Bard. Shakespeare was both a poet and a playwright. My one hesitation is that I am terrible at writing a plot and it seems he borrowed most of his, but perhaps he can teach me how to take another’s plot and bend it to your own will.

For number four I would love to spend some time with someone who could fill a gaping hole in my education, I know little about art. Robert Hughes, who died this year, was a Sydney boy who grew to be an influential critic and author. I’d love to spend time seeing galleries and discussing art with him.

The fifth and final spot has had a few contenders over the years but none have really found it home. I have loved many women and thought that many have loved me. I will leave that last spot open not expecting anyone to be there but hoping that one day just as I saw my mother take that spot with my father someone will take residence there and make it hers.

11 thoughts on “Which Five People?

  1. Fantastic list. Hard not to include the Bard, but I’d be tempted to switch him out with someone like Stephen King (because of all the varities he can tackle with aplumb) or Douglass Adams (for the comedy I aspire to) or George R.R. Martin (for the intense and complex plots I also aspire to).

    • I spent a few hours with Douglas Adams (in a bar) and while it was fun the two topics we didn’t touch were writing and humour. At least half the time was spent complaining about the flaws in Microsoft Word and a lot of the rest was spent teasing his publisher’s PR team.

        • Yes, we talked about MS Word. He had not *that* long before written a column for another computer magazine with a number of complaints and since I was Associate Editor of “Australian Macworld” we both had a long list of them. At that time the Mac version didn’t even offer a word count.

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