Liberal Party Politics At Its Finest

Hockey tweet


Joe Hockey is not just any old member of the Liberal Party, he is Shadow Treasurer and this is the sort of behaviour we have come to expect from senior members of Tony Abbot’s opposition. How to show the good side of Australian politics Joe.

Totally devoid of policies, constantly negative and constantly bullying.

5 thoughts on “Liberal Party Politics At Its Finest

  1. See here, Tony, neither side of the political divide seems to have covered itself with glory but frankly it is only one side that is in charge of the shop and that is the side that needs to answer to its many, many failures. Unfortunately our PM has turned avoidance into an art which is really saying something seeing that no politicain can be expected to give a straight answer to the time of day. Listen to Julia Gillard speak at question time and you will know what disingenuous is. She reminds me of Paul Keating in his verbal prime. Sorry, but no politician is worth our compassion or loyalty.They all sound normal like the rest of us until they’re in power.

    • Even if I agreed with your basic premise, which I don’t, then making a personal attack on a politician who decides at Christmas to take a few days to visit her recently widowed mother is not a terribly moral thing to do.

      As for Julia avoiding questions while she is as guilty of that as any politician in the theatre that is Question Time you have to give her credit for the way she held a press conference where she answered every question the journalists could come up with until they could come up with no more. I don’t see Mr Abbot and his henchmen doing that over their involvement with James Ashby.

      • In the history of politics there hasn’t been one conversion that I know of and yet I can’t resist. I couldn’t be more furious with the way Ms Gillard and her henchmen rid us of an elected Prime Minister, lied to us and stuffed up our economy. Rudd (remember him?) began with a surplus and goodwill,both evaporatedf pretty soon after.
        However, I did say that neither side is to be trusted. As for the Press Club and the questions Ms Gillard answered. I read that it was impromptu, that springing it on people the way that she did gave no one a chance to prepare properly and I read that there were no senior journos there to ask the really pointed questions. It’s your blog, Tony, and you are ruler of it. Nice of you to bother to respond. Promise not to bother you again. Regards. Mary

        • Oh no, don’t go away. I love being disagreed with.

          I agree about the way they railroaded Rudd, I thought it was Labour politics at it’s grubbiest; and you don’t get grubbier than the NSW right of the Labour Party.

          Frankly, I generally quote Mercutio – “a pox on both your houses”.

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