Faith – Not Just Religion

Today’s Daily Prompt asks “Tell us about the role that faith plays in your life — or doesn’t.”

What is faith? The Oxford English Dictionary says “Confidence, reliance, trust” or “belief proceeding from reliance on testimony or authority” or the most common, “beliefs in the truths of religion as contained in the Holy Scripture or in the teachings of the Church”.

When people talk of faith they are usually talking about religious faith. Most of the people who will write to this topic today will probably talk about religion and god but since I am an atheist I cannot talk about religious faith from personal experience. I am not going to argue with those that have it, but I cannot talk of it.

Instead I am going to talk about faith in a wider context more in line with that second meaning and show that we all go through life enshrouded by a cloud of faith.

I have a great deal of faith, I have faith in the culture that surrounds me, in the rule of law and the institutions of government.

Think about it. When you drive down the road you have faith that your fellow motorists will follow the road rules. You have faith that if you continue to pay your bills the companies involved will continue to provide you with electricity, gas and water. You have faith that if somebody does you a wrong the legal system will be there to assist you and prosecute the wrongdoer.

We also have faith in our banking and commercial system. Indeed at one level the Great Depression was caused not by everyone going broke but the loss of faith in the banking and commercial system. People no longer had faith that if they put money into the banking system they would ever get it out. When people didn’t trust the banks and stock market they didn’t put their money in and the loss of liquidity had the whole system grind to a halt.

We also have faith in the expertise of those we rely on. I have a great deal of faith in my Doctor, for example. When she examines me, decides on a diagnosis and prescribes

So even outside religious faith there is a constant role for faith in our lives. You can’t say that faith doesn’t play a daily role in your life, you’re just not aware of it.


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