Technical Posts Moving

I’ve decided to split this blog into a cultural blog, which will stay here, and a new technical blog. You can find my technical stuff at The Macintosh Guy. I’m keeping a few of the more recent tech posts here as well for the convenience of those who come looking via Google.

5 thoughts on “Technical Posts Moving

  1. It’s a good idea, Tony, I try to read your technical posts but even though it’s obvious to me that you know what you’re talking about, I’m not technically minded and it’s not going to be helpful to me. The trap is (and I know about this first hand) that after a very little while you might neglect one in favour of the other. Good luck with that.

    • Yes, neglecting one is a risk but I am going to keep an eye on myself. This blog will still have a wide range of stuff to cover (I’m about to start doing some Lego posts, for example) and the other one is a great way to talk about all the stuff I do on my computers.

  2. Tony, sorry to write to you here, but I can’t find an email addfress and I’d like to ask a question of someone who is awake on likely online. Since late yesterday my stats have stayed stagnant but I have been receiving likes and comments. Has it been the same for you? If not I need to write to someone at WordPress,although I’m not sure who or how. Thanks, in anticipation. Mary

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