Ten Minutes!

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Today’s Daily Prompt says “Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.”

Ten minutes to write a blog post!

What can you do in ten minutes? Make a cup of coffee, perhaps.

I certainly don’t think I can open up a brand new document in Byword and end up with a blog post in ten minutes. It usually takes me at least an hour to come up with a half way decent idea. I’m currently working on a post about education that has taken two days of off and on work.

So ten minutes seems unduly fast. Just enough time to make that cup of coffee.

Coffee, and how I make it. That’s a topic.

At the moment there are three possible ways for me to make a cup of coffee. Right now, after midnight, I’d be most likely to use the dreaded instant since that allows me to have decaffeinated coffee. In the morning I’d use my machine to get a double shot of espresso with a little milk and sugar, first thing I need that jolt of real coffee to get the heart started. During the day I might use my french press for a milder coffee, it also allows me to make enough for three cups at once.

I also have a cheap Nespresso clone pod machine that sits in my kitchen unused. I bought it as an online deal but it totally sucks. I’ve tried it a lot but it doesn’t work consistently at all. It’s not a problem with pod machines, I’ve worked in an office with one that was excellent, it’s just this one that sucks.

Oh dear, there goes the alarm so now I have to publish this post.

6 thoughts on “Ten Minutes!

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