Gandalf Arrives Lego Set


The box

I’ve finally built the Lego sets I received for Christmas from Jessica. The first was the “Gandalf Arrives” set from the “Lord of the Rings” series.

This is a nice small set, the box doesn’t say how many pieces but I’d guess less than 100. Lego have rated it as an over 8 years old build and I think that’s fair as it has a few tricky spots that might confound younger builders.

I particularly liked the construction of the cart with sloped sides. It uses the small hinge pieces for the sides and there are some nice details added using a studs not on top method.

My one complaint might be that with his cloak it is quite difficult to get Gandalf to sit in his cart, it took a bit of fiddling to get him there for the pictures. Frodo also has a bit of a problem since his book is so large and his legs so short, the solution to that was to rest the bottom of the book on the ground.

Contents before assembly.

Contents before assembly.

The finished model.

The finished model.


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