A Truly Satisfying Meal

The table.

The table.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us to “Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail”.

I’ve had some truly satisfying meals. Defining the most satisfying is difficult. Should I choose one where a hard earned hunger made it satisfying, perhaps one that was cooked at home with love and shared with friends, perhaps the most glorious restaurant meal?

The other problem I have is my poor memory would be hard-pressed to provide “glorious detail” on far too many of the great meals I have eaten.

So I’m going to tell of a meal that I do remember quite a few details from that was satisfying on many levels.

A few years ago I moved to Newcastle and my second year there I was living with Sonia and Blaze, her son, with my daughter Jessica living nearby with her mother.

As Christmas got close I decided to have a big dinner with the big roast ham that my father had always cooked with all the trimmings.

Preparations started a couple of weeks before when I started making some papercraft models to decorate the table. There was a house, a Xmas tree, some elves, reindeer and Santa all to be made before the day.

Cooking started days before when Jessi and I spent a day making a bunch of treats. We made gingerbread men, a gingerbread tree, window pane shortbread cookies, rum balls and white christmas. We made enough that we could give some to the neighbours as a small, festive token.

Then on the day itself the cooking got serious. The leg of ham had the fat trimmed off before being covered in pineapple slices and cherries held in place with toothpicks then it was drenched in pineapple juice and covered with foil before being put in the big BBQ to cook.

Let’s get the table set. A Xmas tablecloth goes on then the papercraft on one end as we set the table for four with Xmas paper napkins and a Xmas popper at each persons spot. On the middle of the table goes a few small bowls of Xmas sweets and all those cookies and treats prepared earlier.

Now time to start on getting the vegetables ready to roast. Sweet potato, pumpkin, turnips and potatoes were peeled, soaked in water for an hour before being microwaved for ten minutes then drained and finally coated with oil before being put on the BBQ.

When the BBQ was opened to put in the veggies the foil is taken off to give the ham a basting in the pineapple juice and fat in the bottom of the pan.

The ham comes out of the BBQ oven to rest for a moment while I make the gravy.

Then I carve. On each of the four plates there is some ham, some roast veggies a slice or two of pineapple and a few cherries from off the ham.

When we sit we all pull our poppers, putting on our paper hats and telling each other those terrible jokes and it’s time to eat.

We laugh and talk as we eat and everyone tells me how much they like the roast ham and we sit there for a while after finishing perhaps taking a rum ball or a cookie.

Time for pudding and here is where I really cheat with a good quality pre-cooked pudding and pre-prepared custard. Nobody wants a big slice but I make sure everyone has a dollar coin in their slice.

Replete, full, satisfied we sit at the table for a short while enjoying the conclusion of a special meal with special people.

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