Delays, delays, delays

Lady Gregory pictured on the frontispiece to &...

Lady Gregory pictured on the frontispiece to “Our Irish Theatre: A Chapter of Autobiography” (1913) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been quite a while since I posted. One of the reasons is that I’ve had a bad case of the “can’t finish” so there are a dozen or so mostly finished posts waiting in the queue.

One of the other reasons is that I started writing some poetry and I write poetry slowly. I tend to write with lots of imagery and symbology and one of my current poems had me delving deep into mythology, both Greek and Celtic.

That meant dragging out my copy of “The Golden Bough” and some solid research. One thing that makes that a lot easier is that you can get some brilliant books on the subject for free if you have a Kindle. I now have a copy of Bullfinch for the Greeks and some books by Yeats and Lady Gregory for the Celtic myths. I also dragged out my copy of Joseph Campbell’s “The Power of Myth” just to refresh myself on the tropes and archetypes I’m playing with. That caused a ten day stop on the writing but on the upside it has convinced me to give fiction another try.

So forgive the lack of posts, I promise to do better. In just a day or so I will have up a review of the Kindle Paperwhite for you (spoiler – I love it).

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