Why? Why Blog? Why Write? Why Breathe?


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Why? With me it all comes down to the same question, why do I breathe, why do I exist?

I blog because you provide me an audience for some of my writing and I can’t not write. Words to me are just like breathing – I read them in and I write them out.

Even when I’m being paid to do other work I can’t help but write. At one job where I was employed as a systems administrator we ended up with the best documented systems you’ve ever seen, I journaled everything I did and wrote up a page or two for every decision made.

I have to write, it’s in my blood. If I don’t set aside some time each day to write I find myself writing sentences in my head, I’ll be looking at someone in the street and the words to describe them or their actions spring to mind.

If I’m doing nothing before you know it the laptop is in front of me and words are coming out. When I’m watching TV or a movie gets a little boring I’ll grab the iPad or Air and start tapping away.

A fair amount of what I write never sees light of day. You can see that I currently write two blogs and at any given time I have half a dozen blog posts percolating in the background being researched and written. Some of those posts are abandoned before publication, either they are too time sensitive and their time has passed or I never get them in a form I feel happy with.

Most of my writing is slow and goes through many drafts and edits before you see it. A blog post will be worked on for a few days at least, if it is one of my more researched posts then it will be a week or more.

That’s one of the reasons I quite like these “Daily Prompts” from the editors at WordPress.com, they provide a quick prompt for a quick blog post. For a “Daily Prompt” I write a quick five to eight hundred words, put them aside for fifteen minutes to half an hour before giving them an edit and posting them.

I also have writing that is more in the manner of a journal, my private thoughts and stories of my life that are meant only for my eyes. Perhaps they will eventually get turned into some sort of biographical work but they are for too intimate for me to post here.

The other sort of writings are the snippets I write when I’m out and about. Often when I sit in a coffee shop or a bar I’ll see a person or a bunch of people and write a description of them and what they’re doing. This is more in the way of an exercise than serious writing though these snippets can find themselves in one of my short stories.

My short stories almost never see the light of day, I think I am much too hard a critic when it comes to any of my fiction. I’m hoping to overcome that with constant writing on this blog and the positive feedback you give me with your likes and your comments. I’ve just been brave enough to post one of my poems for the first time, Wandering No More.

So thank you for reading. I’d really appreciate if if you left me a comment telling me what in particular you like about any of my posts.

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt “Million Dollar Question” which asked the question “Why do you Blog?”

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