Goodbye Christine


Today’s Daily Prompt was “What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?”

By coincidence tonight was a night for an earworm. The Australian singer Christine “Chrissy” Amphlett died today.

I had a strong connection to Chrissy, when I was young her lyrics always seemed to talk to me through her band “The Divinyls”. Songs like “Back To The Wall” have always remained my favourites. Chrissy was being strong and vocal in my musical listening heyday and at times in those years it was good to have someone screaming out for me.

Many years later, after my father died, I had a serious problem with depression and while recovering I went to several weekend psychodrama groups and twice there I met Chrissy. One of the great strengths of participating in a psychodrama group is that you discover that the pain you have is often shared by others and such it was with her. I strongly and fondly remember some understanding words and once a supportive hug.

On the news programs on the ABC tonight they have been playing a clip from one of the Divinyls more famous songs “Pleasure and Pain” and I’ve been muttering “but that wasn’t one of hers”. While it talks of the same themes that Chrissy wrote about it isn’t one of her lyrics so I’ve played “Back To The Wall” several times and now her well felt, superb lyrics and marvellous voice are stuck in my head.

Goodbye Chrissy, thanks for the words, thanks for the voice and thanks for being a kind human being.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye Christine

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    • You’d think the news researchers would take their job more seriously. Anyway I just found out that my music partner spoke with Chrissy a few times in a business situation. He said good things about her like you mentioned she was a good person and a talented performer.

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