Mine, All Mine

Writing on the gate Verse written over the lych gate.

Writing on the gate Verse written over the lych gate.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks “To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it?”

An interesting question. The truth is that this site is almost entirely written for myself. It’s the act of writing that I love and this blog provides an excellent venue.

I write because I enjoy writing. In a previous post I wrote:

I blog because you provide me an audience for some of my writing and I can’t not write. Words to me are just like breathing – I read them in and I write them out.

That’s the core of this blog, it’s not written explicitly for you but instead because I am a writer. At the same time you, my reader, are essential as every art requires an audience.

In a perfect world I’d get more feedback, a little constructive criticism in the comments perhaps. At the same time the growing number of visitors and followers tells me I must be doing something right.

Is it designed to attract readers? No, it’s not really designed to attract readers. It doesn’t have a common thread to all the writing though I guess my reviews of the plays I see and the books I read would be the core. I also have a tendency to answer the daily prompt and the weekly writing challenge so that also gives this blog a certain feel.

Would I alter the blog to triple readership? I don’t think I’d change for increased readership but I might consider it for increased feedback. I really enjoy getting comments, even those that disagree with me, and I’d appreciate finding a way to increase feedback.

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