Pillow, Pig, Bears and Snoopy

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Daily Prompt was “Turn to your co-workers, kids, Facebook friends, family — whoever — and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a verb. There’s your post title! Now write.”

So I turned to my daughter on the couch next to me and asked the question. Fortunately she’s studying linguistics so she knew what an article was. After a couple of false tries, she kept on choosing a noun instead of a verb (you can’t blame her, the brain tries to make a phrase), she gave me “the cuddly sleeping”. So here goes.

I have some strange habits, a few that are almost lifelong. In a previous post, My Baby Pillow And Meditation, I talked about my baby pillow without confessing that I slept with it every night until I was fairly old, about ten, when it was replaced by a brown corduroy pig.

The corduroy pig was left behind on a trip to Canberra when I was thirteen. I remember two things from that trip to Canberra. First, how disappointed I was to see the college, Bruce Hall, where my brother had lived. I expected something like the colleges of Oxford or Cambridge I had read about and seen in movies. Second, I remember Jane Simpson reading me an Asterix book that was in French. Jane went on to do a Doctorate at MIT, taught Linguistics at Sydney Uni for many years and is now a Professor back at ANU.

The habit continued, I needed something cuddly to clutch to my chest while sleeping. There was a bear, perhaps two, before someone gave me a cuddly Snoopy doll and for twenty years there was a succession of them. Each replaced once it got too old, dirty and worn. The last Snoopy currently has a proud place on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, he was replaced by a bear given to me by a girlfriend about twelve years ago.

There has been a period of a few years when I lived with Sonia where I didn’t need that worn, old bear but after she left me the need was back.

For my fiftieth birthday Sonia gave me a bear that wears a woollen jumper embroidered “Happy 50th Birthday Tony”. She may have left me but her gift is now the cuddly sleeping partner.

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