Kicking Goals

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Today’s Daily Prompt asks “When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?”

What a question? I’ve had a blog for many years.

If you go back to my first blog then it was really just a pace on the ‘net I could call my own. It had some non-fiction, some fiction and a couple of tech articles.

My second blog was built when I bought my domain name,, which I decided I needed since the name Tony Williams is far too common and I needed an alias less common. It was both a place for me to collect all my book reviews, and back then I was writing a lot of reviews of technical books, and a place for me to play with blogging software.

After several different blogging systems I spent a lot of time hacking on blosxom as at that time I was really enjoying Perl but at about the same time the rate at which I was writing book reviews was slipping I was becoming tired of Perl and switched to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

After that the aim of my blog was to develop an audience for some more technical posts and it wasn’t really successful. Developing an audience for a tech blog is hard and slow. That incarnation of my blog slowly died through inattention and a lack of an audience.

About two years ago my anxiety and depression started to develop some strength. I’ve suffered from both to some degree for many years and back then they started gaining strength again. My work and my relationship suffered. Then a little over a year ago my relationship collapsed and I went through some extremely hard times with my ex-partner. Severe major depression was one result.

So late last year I started writing as an outlet for all the turmoil in my head. I love writing, putting things down on paper has always been much easier for me than talking. After many years and a stint as a magazine editor I do have to say I feel I’m pretty good too.

I needed an outlet for that voice, I needed an audience. At about that time my old blog was hacked and I twice fought back the hackers before giving up and shifting to this blog here at and started posting on a much more regular basis.

My goal here is to just keep on writing and posting and grow an audience, eventually an audience that provides some feedback, commenting and complimenting.

I think I’m well on the way to finding and growing that audience. This blog doesn’t really have a subject focus — most of the posts are inspired by “Daily Prompts” — but I do try and keep it interesting by putting a twist to each Daily Prompt and by adding some other pieces that come from what I’m thinking about.

So yes, the goals of my blogging have changed several times. Sometimes I’ve achieved them and sometimes I haven’t. This time I think I’ve set a reasonable goal, write often and find an audience, and I’m well on the way.

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