Review: Adele Live At The Albert Hall Blu-Ray

English: Adele performing "Someone Like Y...

Adele performing “Someone Like You” during a concert in Seattle, Washington on 8.12.2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last Blu-Ray I reviewed on this site was KD Lang ‘Live In London’ and it is hard not to make a comparison. Here we have two strong female vocalists with strong emotional connections to their music and an obvious love for their craft performing in the same town. We also have two performers who rely on their voice alone with no large bands, light shows or a dozen backing singers.

Technically this is an excellent production with clear, well balanced sound across all five channels. The publisher has even thrown in a CD for you. Unfortunately the direction is off, the cuts are too fast for Adele’s style of music and the Director is throwing every trick in his book at this DVD. Luckily Adele’s performance is so good this is still watchable but half the cameras and a quarter of the editing would have produced a better video.

I have never seen Adele live and after this Blu-Ray she is high on my list of must-see performers. Her songs are highly personal and she gives a personal performance connecting with both the music and the audience chatting amicably and honestly with the crowd throughout.

This concert was recorded late in her tour, not long before she had to cancel the rest for throat surgery and her vocal performance is a little throaty and a tiny fraction off. That said this is a concert performance and you don’t go to a concert for perfection but connection and you get that here in spades. It must also be said that Adele a little off can still sing rings round almost every other female voice of her generation

If you don’t appreciate and connect with Adele’s music then this Blu-Ray is, of course, a waste but if you do then this consummate performance from a remarkable young voice will deepen your connection to both her and the music.

There are any number of beautifully sung songs and touching moments but one stands out for me and will, I suspect, touch you. After an incredibly open introduction to ‘Someone Like You’ Adele delivers a superb vocal performance and asks the crowd to sing for her and in the third chorus you can see the emotion in the singer till she starts to shed a quiet tear and has to wipe her eyes as the song ends. The crowd loves her and loves her for it, giving her a standing ovation and help her along on ‘Rolling In The Deep’ to finish the concert.

This is another Blu-Ray that deserves to be in any music lovers collection. Oh, one final note. Adele has no problem using profanity so if you are offended by the Anglo-Saxon colloquialism for sexual intercourse then maybe you should beware of showing this to your children.

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