For the sake of the nation, the media should do its job

I would find it hard to put it any better. When will the Australian media stop talking about Labor leadership and start talking about the real issues facing Australia.

The Conscience Vote

If you’re a reader of Fairfax newspapers, this is what you woke up to today:

‘It is time for Julia Gillard to stand aside as leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party, as Prime Minister of Australia, so that vigorous, policy-driven democratic debate can flourish once again. Ms Gillard should do so in the interests of the Labor Party, in the interests of the nation and, most importantly, in the interests of democracy.’

No, really.

You’d expect to read something this pompous from the likes of Andrew Bolt or Gerard Henderson, both of whom are known for their grandiose language and outrageous sentiment. But from The Age? Offered not as one journalist’s opinion, but as the endorsed view of the entire newspaper?

It gets worse.

Assuring us that the paper ‘does not advocate this lightly,’ the editorial went on to say:

‘The Age’s overriding concern is that, under…

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2 thoughts on “For the sake of the nation, the media should do its job

  1. One question on the leadership at the start of an interview should be sufficient. The repetition suggests journos are as tired and stressed as the people who have been running our federal government for the past three years. After that one question, ask all the other questions about policy and what the interviewee has been doing with his or her portfolio. Otherwise the journos play into the hands of those who want to paint out all the good things the government has done for ordinary people. It is not over until we have all voted in the next election, whoever each one of us decides to vote for.

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