Life On The Move

A contemporary Tibetan nomadic tent near Namts...

A contemporary Tibetan nomadic tent near Namtso lake. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Daily Prompt: If you could live a nomadic life, would you? Where would you go? How would you decide? What would life be like without a “home base”?

What exactly is a “nomadic life”? If we take the literal meaning of nomadic then we mean a fairly simple, primitive life constantly on the move from one spot to the next. In a modern world we talk about “grey nomads”, retired people who spend a fair amount of the year in a mobile home travelling around.

There are also people who live a life a less simple who might be called “nomadic” who move from home to home across the globe. People with homes in Sydney, London and New York for example. Actors often have homes in Los Angeles and elsewhere moving between them as required. Modern musicians will also move from city to city to work with producers or to go to a specific studio, staying a few months and then moving on to various homes.

These are all, in their own way, nomadic lifestyles.

So do any of these appeal to me. Right now I find myself living in Sydney’s inner west as this is a good place for me, living with my daughter. I moved to Newcastle and back again to be closer to her. Soon though even the small need she has to have Daddy nearby will disappear and I will be healthy enough to no longer need her proximity.

Then I might find a lifestyle moving from place to place more attractive. I don’t like the idea of travelling around in a caravan though. I would like to spend some time outside Sydney; the NSW North Coast and Far North Queensland hold some appeal and I have relatives over in Western Australia I might be able to find. I’d love to move to Boston for three to six months and spend more time with my brother and sister-in-law and if I could earn a pound or two then London would be wonderful.

So a semi-nomadic lifestyle holds some appeal. I’d miss my books but a lot of what I enjoy could go with me – a two terabyte hard drive full of music, TV shows and movies doesn’t take up much room these days and a MacBook Air and iPad are enough computing power for almost anyone.

I do have to say that if I was to have a true nomadic lifestyle then for me Australia isn’t the place for me. Australia is a rural country, we really only have two cities worthy of the designation, Sydney and Melbourne, and I am a city guy. I can’t go for too long without a good coffee and some good theatre; restaurants, dance clubs, museums and cinemas are the icing on the cake.

Both North America and Europe have enough cities to keep me moving and interested for many years though parts of it might get a bit cold in caravan or mobile home.

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