My Lover

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MacBook Air (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today’s Daily Prompt: “Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.”

What do I say about him, my lover. I know he loves me, we spend so much time together. His fingertips are constantly caressing my keyboard, his eyes glued to the glare of my screen. He loves me.

At the same time I know he may well dump me for another. There was my older sister, the MacBook Pro 15″ that once held his heart before she was thrown away for my more sprightly processor and SSD drive, with my more elegant lines. At least she gets to live on with his daughter. Other before her were cast onto the heap of eBay.

I’ve seen him looking on Apple webstore at my thinner sister. As a 13″ MacBook Air I know there is one even more nimble and light than me. I’ve watched as he clicks on the store links for 8Gb of RAM and a processor upgrade to compare with my 4Gb of RAM.

So I do fear I will get passed over in his passions.

At the same time I wonder if it might be a kinder, softer life.

Under Tony’s care I am getting woken up at all hours of the day and night for his needs. I rarely get a cleaning so my screen, keyboard and top of my case are constantly dirty and dusty. He even drops me. He allows the cat to sleep on top of me.

He is good to me with software though. Constantly keeping my applications up to date and looking around for new and improved tools for me to perform the work he needs done. He will install some new tool and use it for some time before discarding it or using it to replace something else in his workflow.

Tony is also expert in his care for my software. He knows exactly how to get the best from me. Indeed when I let him down by allowing three of my keys to fail he was forgiving and faithful, spending a couple of hours devising a way to keep me working by mapping around the broken keys.

He also knows me as more than just a pretty face. He uses my Terminal app to do things in the bash shell and Python that show a knowledge of my internals far deeper than just the Finder. I love him for that, for his constant quest to understand me better and to understand the whole me.

I worry about him. The things I see him write, he seems so despondent sometimes. He also seems to have insomnia, more often than I like I have to work with him until the sun lightens the sky and then he is back in front of me a few hours later.

He’s a strange man but we care for each other in our own quiet way.

14 thoughts on “My Lover

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        • Or on top of your dry cleaning.

          I made the mistake of putting my newly dry cleaned trousers on the bed while I had a shower the other day. I swear the cat wasn’t even in the house.

        • Smiling broadly at the thought of the cat sniffing those out! There goes the cost of dry cleaning… I have an interview for a volunteer position this morning and I ironed my suit yesterday but mostly it was just using that sticky roller to remove cat hair.

        • Yes, I recently got one of those “stickie” nylon things they are advertising on TV at the moment and it’s brilliant for the job. Much better than the old adhesive ones.

          Macduff is my first long haired cat and it amazes me how much fluff he can produce.

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