A new host and new software

I decided to shift off Blosxom. Since Rael abandoned it to the community a while ago it has failed to progress. He now uses something else himself.

After a little research I decided to go to WordPress. I really wanted sooomething written in either Perl or Ruby but none I found offered the simplicity, features and support of WordPress so it’s back to hacking in PHP.

I do like it. The previous post was sent straight to WordPress from Writely, as this one will be, and that was no problem. The administration is straight forward, it handles comment spam well and there are a large number of ‘themes’ available to alter the look. I decidced I liked this theme as a basic start. it may alter a little over the coming weeks.

I also decided to go for a new host. Westhost offer a virtual private server with ftp and ssh access as well as a good control panel for an incredibly low price. Having my own virtual box is a godsend – behind the scenes I’m working on several neat little things that would be impossible without the power to install whatever software I like. I have to admit that the stock standard VPS they offer has everything most people would need available via a control panel – MySQL, PHPMySQLAdmin, Perl, mod-perl, PHP, mod-php, Ruby (including Rails), a couple of blog/CMS systems, gallery software – the list goes on. The package includes 3 domains and 10 sub-domains, unlimited storage and a big hunk of bandwidth. Way to go, guys.

Before I sign off this post, one quick apology. If you have been reading this blog via RSS then I broke your feed and you’ll have to re-subscribe. Sorry.

A new design for Tonys Dream

Those of you reading my site via my RSS feed may not appreciate the new site design. I’ve improved the look and below the hood improved the use of CSS. I now have no inline styles, it’s all done using the miracles of a single stylesheet.

I’ll be doing some minor tweaking of the look and then splitting the sheet up. I’ll be doing the splitting so that I can use the same sheet across multiple parts of the site. As you may be aware the book reviews are in a sub domain and I’ll be rolling out a couple more subdomains in the next month or so. The next one to see light of day will be one holding my writing in a static site – I’ve yet to find a software system that copes with the many needs of my writing pages.

I’ve learnt quite a lot about CSS and have a great deal of respect for the people that designed it. Once I had the basics getting a much prettier site was easy.