Halloween Treats For Bloggers


Halloween (Photo credit: Pedro J. Ferreira)


Today’s Daily Prompt: “If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out?”

Treats? My first thought was ‘hugs’. Of course I can’t hand out real hugs and virtual ones aren’t that useful.

How about uplifting aphorisms? That’s a nice idea. Sayings like “Everyone is a talented and valuable individual in their own way” or “You can do it, just try.”

A beautiful photo they can use. Here’s a search on Flickr for photos that are Creative Commons and tagged interesting. I could try and figure out how to give them a URL and copy to one of the first 50 at random.

How about handing out a little bit of what your blog focusses on? One of my topics is explaining how major depression really feels and how it differs from “sad”, “feeling down” or “feeling depressed”. I could take my posts and shorten them into one or two hundred word nuggets and give one to every trick or treater.

I know what I’d really like to do. I’d like to give each visitor a random post and ask them to rate it. I really want to know which of my posts people like the best and then offer them both the old good ones and more of the same when they first visit. But that’s more for me.

Creative and enabling thoughts. Brian Eno has a great collection of creativity triggers called “Oblique Strategies” so I could hand one of those out to every visitor. You can get one now by visiting this site. Mine was “Do the washing up”. I have the box set, the fifth edition is available at Eno’s shop for a reasonable 30 pounds.

Then I’m also a lover of good grammar and words. I could collect together a long list of hints and hand one out to each visitor. How to sort out “to” and “too” or “they’re” and “their” might be a start. Then hints from my old editors like “Replace ‘very’ – it adds nothing.”

I think either of those last two. Something small and useful.