Remembering those URLs and typing faster

While waiting for me to finish editing my next “big” post here’s a quick tip for you.

Do you use a text shortcut utility? “What’s that?” I hear some of you ask.

It’s a utility that allows you to automatically enter short pieces of text, either by replacing something you type or with a hot key such as CTRL-ALT-d. On my Mac I use an excellent, inexpensive one called “Text Expander”. (If you know of a good one for Windows users then please add a comment below or drop me a note.)
This means that instead of having to remember and type I just type ‘.b’ and Text Expander replaces it with the text. Even better when I type ‘.g’ it gets replaced by that even longer and more difficult which (as you all know [grin]) is the URL for my Facebook group “Facebook-Internet Synergy.”
It gets even better. I also have text snippets I use for that “personal” message when asking someone to be your friend, when I make an introductory post to someone’s wall and a number of other uses. They all have a couple of spots with “****” in them, this is my own way of marking parts of a text snippet I might want to replace with something personal.
On my Mac I don’t even need to remember the abbreviations, Text Expander puts a menu in my menu bar.