A Truly Satisfying Meal

The table.

The table.

Today’s Daily Prompt asks us to “Describe the most satisfying meal you’ve ever eaten in glorious detail”.

I’ve had some truly satisfying meals. Defining the most satisfying is difficult. Should I choose one where a hard earned hunger made it satisfying, perhaps one that was cooked at home with love and shared with friends, perhaps the most glorious restaurant meal?

The other problem I have is my poor memory would be hard-pressed to provide “glorious detail” on far too many of the great meals I have eaten.

So I’m going to tell of a meal that I do remember quite a few details from that was satisfying on many levels.

A few years ago I moved to Newcastle and my second year there I was living with Sonia and Blaze, her son, with my daughter Jessica living nearby with her mother.

As Christmas got close I decided to have a big dinner with the big roast ham that my father had always cooked with all the trimmings.

Preparations started a couple of weeks before when I started making some papercraft models to decorate the table. There was a house, a Xmas tree, some elves, reindeer and Santa all to be made before the day.

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Christmas Papercraft

English: Christmas postcard picture with Santa...

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I’m getting a bunch of visitors looking for Xmas pop up cards so I thought I’d put together a list of good sites for Xmas papercraft for those visitors. One tip for you all, download models you are even vaguely interested in as good papercraft sites often disappear with frightening speed.

Some nice pop up cards from Martha Stewart: Glittered Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Creative Pop Up Cards have some nice examples: Christmas Pop Up Cards

Paper Models – The Christmas Kit — A piece of software to create Xmas papercraft you can use on an Apple IIgs emulator or just download the blank templates.

Some good sites for Xmas gift tags.

Christmas Gift Name Tags
Free Christmas Gifts Tags for Collectors
Disney Gift Tags

Canon have a wide selection of Xmas papercraft models including decorations, an Advent calendar and even some masks. They have models for all skill levels. Christmas Paper Craft Canon CREATIVE PARK. They often retire models from this site so make sure to grab the ones you might like now, even if you don’t build them this Xmas.

Some nice printable gift boxes. Printable Favor Boxes and Seals

All about you has a huge collection of Xmas papercraft ideas.
175+ Christmas craft ideas

Some more courtesy of Disney: Winter | Spoonful.com

Christmas pixel popup cards | Mini-eco

Xmas pop up card

Nice pop up cards. These should be easy for you to make, just print the template onto coloured cardstock.

Christmas pixel popup cards | Mini-eco.

I’ve posted a good list of Xmas papercraft sites including a few more spots for pop up cards you might like.

Xmas Foldable.Me Models

Xmas Foldable.Me

If, like me, you like papercraft you may have come across cubeecraft, a site that offers cute little papercraft figurines that are easily cut out and created.

Not long ago that idea spawned Foldable.Me, a company that allows you to design your own papercraft figurine in your web browser and then order a printed and precut version.

Now they are having a Xmas sale and adding Santa suits to the clothes choices. Cute.

Go check it out.

I’ve posted a good list of Xmas papercraft sites including a few more spots for pop up cards you might like.