Are You Free Mr Braff?

Cover of "The Last Kiss (Widescreen Editi...

Cover of The Last Kiss (Widescreen Edition)

Today’s Daily Prompt – “Cast the movie of your life.”

What an opportunity! I’ll need to cast someone as me who is better looking but can get that scrawny, geeks look down. Jesse Eisenberg might be a bit young for the key moments of my life, I think Zach Braff would be about right. After all he got to have a love scene with Rachel Bilson in ‘The Last Kiss’, in the same movie he’s having a child with Jacinta Barrett. I’d love to cast Johnny Depp as me but I not even my mother thinks I’m that good looking.

I love Emma Thompson as an actress so I’ll have to find a role for her. She might do well playing my mother, though my mother had a physical frailty to her that Thompson does not have. Having cast her I could imagine Kenneth Branagh playing my father, Dad was handsome in a way that Branagh has and they both have a feeling of power and strength.

The two major women in my life would be hard. My ex-wife, Donna, might be a good role for Rebel Wilson if she can do as well with drama as she does comedy.

Casting Sonia, my last relationship that lasted several years, would be the hardest. A mid to late thirties Audrey Hepburn would be almost perfect (think of her in ‘Robin and Marian’) so we could go with Jennifer Love Hewitt but I’m not sure she’s a good enough actress. Alyssa Milano might come closer, she doesn’t quite have the build but she does have the pixie face and the ability. Rachel Bilson would be almost perfect but she is a few years too young. Anne Hathaway has the same problem. Let’s cast either of those two and make them look a fraction older with makeup.

There are any number of actors I’d love to have in smaller roles. I don’t know enough about movies to quickly rattle off the names of some men and women but I’d start by looking at some recently made British drama TV as they always seem to be able to find great actors for those roles.